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Where’s gold going?

Posted: 07 February 2017
by Lunar Dragon
Everyone needs to ask themselves a question here! how many central banks are dumping physical metal? has anyone seen any big sells? i saw russia buy a massive amount recently i know china is purchasing!! why is the price falling then? paper gold and paper silver folks!!!

The price is being kept low, through the manipulation and rigging by the central banks, the criminal mega-banks, and hedge funds. They are doing this so they can grab as much phys gold and silver while it's cheap and not cause a price rise due to their demand. I think that when they have enough that the manipulation will end and the price will skyrocket.

Re: Where’s gold going?

Posted: 12 February 2017
by Silver Rocket
US$ is the reference currency. The only way to weaken a reference is to scare every foreigner holding it out of it. One way for Trump to do that will be to get the Congress to approve enormous spending and issue new debt of, say, 25% of the existing debt. Not sure that is likely. Another way is to refuse to issue new debt and retire the existing debt through some creative money creation (Eg. Minting a High Face Value Platinum Coin and selling the coin to the Fed at face value). If the latter happens, and I strongly suspect it will, the $'s slide will be unstoppable. It will not just weaken, it will become worthless.

Re: Where’s gold going?

Posted: 12 March 2017
by Bounty
Fiat currency's will collapse and they can't have that they can't have people piling into gold or silver which is real money by the way it always has been for thousands of years but the Ponzi scheme keeps going to a continuing and they can't let it fail it can't feel because then they're great lifestyle of filth and evil will be over so precious metal will never never never never go up again if it does it would be maybe 15 years from now and by then I'll be too late the world will be a collapsed and destroyed so what good is metal at the worlds in flames