How to Calculate Premiums on Gold Coins?

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How to Calculate Premiums on Gold Coins?

Postby Gold Jodie » 01 March 2017

Is there any set system or website to refer for data? :)

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Re: How to Calculate Premiums on Gold Coins?

Postby FrozenIce » 08 March 2017

I try to look at it this way: it's not how much your stack is worth, it's how big your stack is that matters. What I mean by that is the buying power that the dollar has changed every single day, and the price of gold/ silver changes everyday too. We are trained to think in terms of dollars but dollars in reality are irrelevant. The amount of money you have is only relevant to the day your spending it and the cost of what your buying on that day. I think the best strategy for stacking is slow and consistent. Consider where you can find the cheapest premium for where you live, and don't make large purchases on days that the price spikes, but it may never come down from that spike, so always just accumulate. And should go without saying but if you don't, can't and won't sell on eBay, don't expect to get premiums back. And the larger production cost on the 1/10 isn't part of the premium. That you get back. I consider a Premium the amount above a generic 1/10. Those are my opinions

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