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Which Gold Coins Make The Best Investments?

Posted: 04 March 2017
by Freddy
I started off with 1/10oz coins and what I did was look at previous years coin prices for the same coin and found that Pandas and Libertads have the best resale value so to say. So in terms of speculating what might sell the best I arrived at these two coins at this particular weight.

With decent light you can see a variety of tones in coins which are supposed to have the same colour. Back in the day the alloys the used to produce gold coins werent as perfect as nowadays so they had very little parts of nickel in it, which can significantly lighten the tone of a 22 carat coin.

Re: Which Gold Coins Make The Best Investments?

Posted: 08 March 2017
by FrozenIce
i would keep out Kruger, too much copper and less than 92% gold - too coppery looking... and besides aren't we sick of boring white men and queen liz? canada has been using this CRAPPY version of liz, Perth has been kicking their butt with the queen... so the maple leaf is MUCH better looking than liz... my favorite is a roo... but it depends on what year... of course this is all subjective, as art and aesthetics are... yet detail is quantifiable... not sure i would call the dragon bullion... some of these bullion coins are a good bit higher by premium than the rest... i'd guess the dragon is the most expensive in this group... yeah, just looked it up, its around $500 over spot, this shouldn't even be on the list... NOT bullion but rather numismatic, what i call limited mintage numismatic bullion... as soon as u get even a few hundred over spot it CAN'T be considered a bullion coin, thats what i would say...none of the rest have this kind of premium over spot, not by a long shot...

Re: Which Gold Coins Make The Best Investments?

Posted: 15 May 2017
by Thornside
That's a good question. Generally speaking, I wouldn't suggest it, but a few reasons are in some countries you can use your gold as collateral and get low-interest loans for 1 to 3% in dollars euros ect. Then you can take the money and get 50 to 10 percent in interest or dividends. Or you can take the loan use the money as a down payment and buy a house put a renter in it and pay off the loan. Another thing is you can sell gold coins for quite a bit more than you can in the States, like sometimes twice as much for certain coins in Mexico. You can do that in India but its much more risky there.