Silver coins you should own for wealth security?

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Silver coins you should own for wealth security?

Postby Thornside » 03 February 2017

The dollar is bound to crash. Already, other countries are having meetings discussing how to eleminate the dollar as the accepted world currency. Meanwhile, the US borrows huge amounts of money from China and other countries and then turns around and PRINTS more "dollars" to pay these enormous debts. The bubble is going to burst, and soon. Buy silver. It is at it's low "ratio to gold" right now. Set a budget and buy as much as you can afford on a regular basis. I buy dimes bi weekly.

I told people at my office to invest in silver just in case the economy takes a dive and your paper money is worthless. Everybody goes umm yea whatever. This one lady goes, oh thats never going to happen because the govt. has checks and balances so the economy doesnt go into deep recession or depression.

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Re: Silver coins you should own for wealth security?

Postby Freddy » 20 February 2017

I think the problem with both silver and gold these days, is all the news about counterfeiting makes many people skeptical about using or buying them. Because most people cannot tell the difference between real and counterfeit of either coin or bar. So I think the coins would be better for exchange, simply because they do not hold as great a potential for large losses.

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