Junk Silver Investing

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Junk Silver Investing

Postby Allenby » 26 February 2017

A lot of people probably overlook dimes completely. Everybody seems to focus on quarters. It would be great to find mercury dimes, but they're so rare.

I've noticed in the bags I've purchased the dimes don't have as much average ware as Washington quarters; and Kennedys are great because they were in circulation for only couple years before they started to get horded and have very little ware on average.

Bullion Bud
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Re: Junk Silver Investing

Postby Bullion Bud » 07 March 2017

if there was a collapse and we needed to use our silver for trade you will then find out that 98% of the people out there will not recognize this 90% that you show. The junk silver I recommend is Roosevelt dimes and Washington quarters because it is what everyone already knows and its easy to tell its silver by looking at the edge, and the fact that they are 1964 and before. When you have a group of people with silver trying to trade it for food or water the people with most recognized junk silver will be the first helped. Its simple logic in my mind as people will be worried about getting ripped off more than ever. If there is a collapse always use the most recognized coins that everyone will trust as 98% of people have never seen standing liberties and barber coins and most likely will not take them over someone with Roosevelt dimes and Washington quarters. I also don't believe you should collect half dollars over the quarters and dimes.

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