Real cheap way to but American silver eagle coins?

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Real cheap way to but American silver eagle coins?

Postby Freddy » 02 September 2016

UK local question, ok i like collecting coin and got in to silver eagles. i buy one here and there on ebay and paying way to much for them i have read website that say the should sell for 3 or 4 dollar above silver.. where online or locally would you buy silver eagles at this rate?

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Max Metals
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Re: Real cheap way to but American silver eagle coins?

Postby Max Metals » 06 September 2016

Stick with the name dealers with history of service, honesty and reputation within your country.

A lot of silver does seem like a big risk to some but I'm sure that a metal like silver that is used industrially and bought by investors that is limited is worth way more that worthless peaces of paper owned by a private company that controls the world.

I started collecting tubes of silver eagles this June and finally got the 25 tubes to fill my monster box last month. I could not just buy one like you did must be nice and you save money when you buy the entire box outright. But I also feel a great appreciation for the journey it took me to get all the tubes. I did not realize how heavy the monster box would be ounce filled VERY heavy. 

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Re: Real cheap way to but American silver eagle coins?

Postby SilverSnake » 27 January 2017

I never liked the idea of getting loads of the same coin. I just chose what I thought looked nice and where possible, went for ones that have a design that changes yearly. I hope I never find myself in a position where I need to sell my silver to a coin shop for spot.

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