Silver Chinese Panda 2016

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Re: Silver Chinese Panda 2016

Postby BullionGhost » 08 November 2016

I love the Pandas. Just as much if not more than the Kooaburras. Silver Slacker had mentioned that for 2015 they stopped putting the 999 silver markings on them. Has to do with the metric system, not sure. But isn't this just going to make it even easier from the undergrounds mills to crank out the fakes?

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Re: Silver Chinese Panda 2016

Postby SilverTorch66 » 08 November 2016

The Chinese have no anti-counterfeiting measures in their coins and never have and are thus a common target for forgeries. They have gone to the metric system to appease their Chinese customers who deal everything in metrics. Soon we will have to as well. Great looking coin though. Fantastic detail and exceptional quality.

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