Time to go on the Offensive! World Markets About to Crash!

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Time to go on the Offensive! World Markets About to Crash!

Postby TonyJ » 13 January 2017

A second view

We are going from a regionalized 3D debt hologram, to a global 4D hologram underwritten by "carbon credits" as we hurtle towards a cashless society where biometrics and the grid itself will do all the tyranny heavy lifting - itself mere prelude (as the biological android is a prelude to the borg drone) to a post-human slave grid system.

Gold is Money God created, but not used in today's society as of yet. Fiat currency are constantly being devalued as Feds keep quantitative easing and bailing outs. If you don't know by now, world Government is looking to initiate a financial reset, which will up bring a one world currency & one world government Hence NWO. Gold is being priced by paper Gold contracts, not just the physical purchase of gold. Even the banks issue more ETF contracts then the Gold they have in their reserves i.e. Deutsche Bank. Whey else would Deutsche Bank get fined for manipulating the price of Gold/Silver. They are intentionally trying to drop the price of gold/Silver to buy physical. Also Why would Canada Sell all their gold off and be backed by USD. And China and Russia accumulating so much Gold. There seems to be a shift of a dominant currency to the Yuan and Roubal. China and Russia making a deal to trade with each other using their own Gold backed currency. Before One world currency I suspect first a shift in power from from US to China and Russia.

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Re: Time to go on the Offensive! World Markets About to Crash!

Postby Golden Bull » 23 January 2017

Good points.

it'll bottom out, the dollar will be non-existence. they will introduce the chip, one global currency

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