President Trump unloads on the media

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Gold Bird
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President Trump unloads on the media

Postby Gold Bird » 18 February 2017

I watched the impromptu press conference President Trump gave. He basically flipped off the media and their b/s 'reporting' and put them on notice. There is a new sheriff in town and he isn't going to put up with your b/s any longer.

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Silver King
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Re: President Trump unloads on the media

Postby Silver King » 24 February 2017

Obama and his cronies who are the corrupt people around him DID MAKE THIS MESS!! They only cared about themselves and lining their own pockets and the pockets of our enemies! He should have NEVER EVER BEEN A PRESIDENT!!! Had they gave him as many problems as they are giving president trump maybe they would have uncovered who that man really was! But no, no one said a word. In fact, they voted him in TWICE! So yes, President Trump inherited a mess that could have been avoided!

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