Precious Metals & Markets Wrap-up: Week Ending November 4 2016

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Precious Metals & Markets Wrap-up: Week Ending November 4 2016

Postby GoldInvestments » 11 November 2016

A flat week last week last week with gold stronger but oil took a hit to do most of the evening out. The plus side is that oil has entered another buy zone for us. This means better returns when oil climbs again. Daily trading was kept to our lowest volume for the week and ended flat just like the large caps. Next is the reaction of the president elect on Wednesday. Expect Brexit type fluctuations.


In the event Trump gets in there will be swings expected. In the longer term his policies are suggesting better returns for companies due to a halving to the corporate tax rates. There will be no tax write offs any more while the tax code is simplified. Trumps international relations is looking to be accommodative but also in the interest of the US. It won't be a time of turmoil apart from the obvious protests which will fizzle out over time. Markets will accept a Trump administration because he is pro business. Watch for growth to kick up.

Trump will continue easy money as he has benefitted from same in the passed. This means an inflation signature which is higher to that of the democrat policy stance. Yellen is on the block but she may be allowed to stay at the helm till the conclusion of her term in 2018, as she is a major dove and Trump needs that policy stance to enable the growth he would like to push. Real estate will benefit from the inflation footprints of a Trump administration. Therefore our gold and oil focus will benefit for the next 4 years. Fed rates hikes will be less of a chance we feel. But if the fed goes it will be a wrong move.

by Steve Andelkovic
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Re: Precious Metals & Markets Wrap-up: Week Ending November 4 2016

Postby Gold Jodie » 24 November 2016

That is the question that I always ask when I was very new to investing in the stock market. I could say this, the market goes up and down very very quickly but in the long run, with patience(like 10 years or more), you'll earn a big amount of money because the chances of the market getting up is 90% if you're looking in 10 years span. Unless a stock market crash happens then that is a total game changer.

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Re: Precious Metals & Markets Wrap-up: Week Ending November 4 2016

Postby Tom Silver » 05 February 2017

they have control over interest rates and stock markets too. this at least can be purchased physically. your mind is enslaved, it's quite sad

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