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Re: Rare odd-weight Silver Bars available

Posted: 06 October 2016
by BullionGhost
Tom Silver wrote:
GoldExchange wrote:Hi. Some of the bars are a few decades old and there is not much information about each specific bar. I haven't had the time to research; however, I can and can get back to you with an answer.

Silver is becoming more and more un available there for more rare sense it's high in demand not in jewelry but to make stuff it's a good matirial and were using more then we are mining pretty soon it should be worth more then gold...

I buy silver because it will be worth more than gold. I love gold but I can get so much silver for the money. it's clear what's going on in the silver market so I am mainly buying the cheap silver not spending over $1000 just for one ounce of gold. Gold is great but does not calculate like silver for the future.

Re: Rare odd-weight Silver Bars available

Posted: 21 February 2017
by SilverSnake
It took several months to gather all of them. One of the best parts was seeing the stamps on the packaging. One package was covered completely. The western bars were probably some of the best designs.