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My old coin find 2004

Posted: 26 February 2017
by Bounty

Not sure about it but very old. Quick share 8-) :) 8-)

Re: My old coin find 2004

Posted: 26 February 2017
by CliffB
Very very nice coin Bounty, will try and find out more about it, sure one of my friends will know what it is, looks roman to me, but we will see

Re: My old coin find 2004

Posted: 08 March 2017
by FrozenIce
Lots of coinage over the centuries of Rome's imperial and republic rule were "watered down" so to speak... The antoninianus (actual name lost to history) is a prime example of how it started out as a good proportion of silver (~50%) then over time reduced in content to about 5% then went to bronze. Some of the coins metal content were not worth the face value. The public knew this so therefore saved these coins to pay their taxes back to the government. Inflationof the treasury was nothing new either, some emperors minted so many coins with no regard for how this would impact supply and demand. Some minted coins on the go while at war to pay their armies too with no regard of how this would affect the value of said currency.´╗┐

Re: My old coin find 2004

Posted: 22 March 2017
by Freddy
Started metal detecting in january 2014 one hundred and elevan silver two gold rings and gold braclet confederate infantry button oldest coin 1787 george lll augusta ga machine whites prizm 5g hooked for life´╗┐