Own Physical Gold For Fundamental Reasons

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Own Physical Gold For Fundamental Reasons

Postby Freddy » 07 February 2017

This week we answer your questions from last week about silver recommendations & the validity of technical analysis in a manipulated market. Then we’ll look at the precious metals market movements from this last week. The World Gold Council has released their 2017 report with predictions for the next year. Comments by Theresa May & Trump impact both the pound & the dollar.

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Re: Own Physical Gold For Fundamental Reasons

Postby Silver Rocket » 28 February 2017

Thanks for the reply from the other thread.

1. Gold and Silver are the best investment if you look for long-term safehouse. On shorter term you can find things easily to outperform Gold and Silver. Therefore always keep a share in your portfolio on Gold and Silver. In my opinion: 5-25% depends on your bet on default of paper money. If you think it is unlikely: keep 5% if you think it is likely: keep 25% I do keep 20-25%. 2. Bitcoin has many parameters of Gold, but I think the worst difference is destruction of bitcoins: - people forget their accounts' password, they do die without a person who have access to it. Therefore it has a significant danger of Hyperdeflation, which (like Hyperinflation) benefits for a few, hurts everybody else.

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