Silver Will Explode Like Gold On Steroids

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Gold Jodie
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Silver Will Explode Like Gold On Steroids

Postby Gold Jodie » 12 February 2017

Historically, gold has traded at 15/1 versus silver. If gold sells at +/- US$1500/oz, silver should be +/- $100. Currently, it's artificially underpriced.

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Tom Silver
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Re: Silver Will Explode Like Gold On Steroids

Postby Tom Silver » 16 February 2017

There is risk in everything but your metals will not rise until Bitcoin pulls back the curtain on the fraud. The price on the fraudulent Comex will not be allowed to rise until global digital fiat and the institutions that support it are widely perceived as illegitimate. The fiat price of Bitcoin will be a huge part of that story. In other words Bitcoin will soar first and the metals will come later when political forces shift and they are priced on new and real markets.

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