Silver, buy the rumor, sell the news....

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Bullion Bud
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Re: Silver, buy the rumor, sell the news....

Postby Bullion Bud » 05 November 2016

they manipulate the price of gold and silver so that people wont find out about the fiat collapsing currency composed of printed money by the fed theres no collapse because they manipulate rigged it. 

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Lunar Dragon
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Re: Silver, buy the rumor, sell the news....

Postby Lunar Dragon » 07 May 2017

What sort of chance does the average joe have when the big guns are buying up or moving around the silver so other's can't have a slice of that very large cake?

My silver dealer insists the best way to buy silver is Mint Condition Coins that have a Premium placed on them. The coin dealer says you would get a premium Over spot price when you redeem them. When we're in Depression & silver is $250 oz & currency of choice, how does silver keep its mint condition when used in daily transactions? & who would give a damn whether coins are mint or not and pay Over spot price as dealer suggests? Isn't it Wiser to buy Used/Not Mint coins and save the Premium?

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