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Re: What is Cryptocurrency? Newbie

Postby Golden Bull » 23 January 2017

Thanks for sharing this very informative recorded discussion regarding crypto currency and blockchain.

It would be great to see similar events held in other major world & smaller regional cities to continue building awareness and understanding of cryptocurrency and the applications of this technology.

Perhaps being better armed with information, individuals, business owners and organizations would be more open to exploring use of this amazing technology.
Thank you

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Re: What is Cryptocurrency? Newbie

Postby Bounty » 12 March 2017

Bitcoin is difficult to predict being still in its infancy .But personally I will be buying down to around $780 ,it could go a lot lower or never get there so I split my fund into smaller amounts start buying after large drop such as we just had and keep adding on red candles ,selling the next time we test $1100 I expect us to test this point a couple more times before it tries to break higher,its a whenever it happens strategy lol not for daytraders.

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