China Gov Promoting bitcoin!

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China Gov Promoting bitcoin!

Postby Freddy » 07 February 2017

"global warming" caused by human behavior is a fraud that scientists use to get free money from the government, wake up. We are heading toward a mini ice age. Carbon in the biosphere does not cause any greenhouse effect because it gets re-absorbed into the biosphere and expands the biosphere. Would you consider bitcoin mining decentralized when +90% of bitcoins are mined in China? Also, would you consider bitcoin mining easy enough for a grandma to do? On Steemit, blogging == mining. It can't get much easier than that.

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Re: China Gov Promoting bitcoin!

Postby SilverSnake » 21 February 2017

All this sabre rattling against Iran/China is Not good! We can only hope that Trump is just 'talking,' and that this goes no further. If it goes further, we could be looking at the 'end game.' I do fear, however, that the evil cabal will do something crazy to break the momentum of this Nationalism which is their antithesis.

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