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Top 3 Cryptocurrency to Invest in my view

Posted: 02 April 2017
by FishyTank
Any thoughts? :D

1. Dash 2. Bitcoin 3. some currency for smart contracts - Ethereum or Lisk Why Dash nr.1? Most of people just don`t know much about it. Dash dev team is creating a currency, which is oriented for real use. Currently there is just no other cryptocurrencies, which gather all the advantages Dash can offer. For me personally these are 1. Instant transactions confirmed within seconds. Useful to pay i.e. in a retail store with Dash directly. Not now, but this is obviously our future. Espesially vital for developing countries without banking systems. 2. Paypal-like interface. No more long strings of letters and numbers in the wallet addresses. It will look very similar to Paypal, but decentalized! No one can cancel your transfer. There are lot of other advantages like private sending, governance system, yearly incomes similar to bank deposits, but here about 8-9% yearly income (nowdays) and so on. I am pretty sure if most of the people knew what is Dash they would choose it over Bitcoin just because it provides more opportunities and more user-friendly (in the next release of the Evolution version at least). I want to Dash.

Re: Top 3 Cryptocurrency to Invest in my view

Posted: 17 April 2017
by Thornside
I was thinking that direct banking across interplanetary distances shouldn't be possible and that funds held in a financial institution should stay on one planet and moved only by some other protocol much like how the internet cannot handle interplanetary lag with its current protocols. Banks on Mars would be separate from banks on Earth, the accounts separate of one another. Transferring funds would require the bank to transfer the amount in a way that would take more time and validation than it would otherwise need for a normal, international transaction.