A HOT SUMMER For Gold & Silver Prices?

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A HOT SUMMER For Gold & Silver Prices?

Postby Gold Silver » 31 March 2017



Gold and silver prices have continued to power higher this week, propelled by weakness in the dollar.
Gold is now up nearly 5% since the Fed hiked rates 2 weeks ago, trading up to critical resistance at its 200 day moving average near $1260.
While we wouldn't be surprised to see gold prices correct to the $1225 area here, when gold finally breaks out above $1260, a rally towards the 2016 post-Brexit high near $1380 is likely. Silver prices are trading even more impressively. Silver has already broken out above its own 200 day moving average, and is up 10% in the past 2 weeks.
The fact that silver is leading gold is a healthy indicator for the sector, as the silver to gold ratio continues to fall. The dollar plunged through the psychologically significant 100 level during overnight trading Sunday, as the market digested the fact that YUGE tax cuts promised by the Trump Administration are much less likely to materialize after Healthcare legislation failed to pass in the House. While the Fed will undoubtedly attempt to jawbone the metals back down with threats of further rate hikes, things are setting up for the potential for a HOT SUMMER in Gold and Silver.

Is a stock market crash imminent? Nearly fifty-percent of Americans are optimistic about the stock market. American’s haven’t been this optimistic about stocks since two months before the dot com bubble crashed.

China’s second biggest gold producer may have just discovered the nation’s biggest gold deposit. The Shandong Gold Group estimates their newly found deposit has nearly four-hundred-tons of gold.

On Tuesday, the House Committee approved Rand Paul’s Audit the Fed bill. The bill now must go through the House, Senate, and get signed into law by president Trump. So the bill still has a long way to go. But both the House and Senate have republican majorities and Trump has expressed interest in auditing the Fed in the past.

Prime Minister Theresa May wrote a formal notice for a plan to withdraw The United Kingdom from the European Union in 2019. May was quoted by the NYTimes in saying, “This is an historic moment from which there can be no turning back.”
(Photo of Theresa May retrieved from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fi...
Author: ukhomeoffice
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Also on Tuesday, Trump sign an executive order on Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth. The order rolled back regulations on oil drillers, coal miners, as well as other climate change related regulations. Trump has signed nearly twenty-executive-orders in his first two months in office. This is more executive orders than Obama, Bush, or Clinton signed in their first two months. If Trump keeps at his current pace, he will sign more executive orders than any president since Harry S. Truman.

The new Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez is shaking things up. To restructure the D-N-C, Perez is asking for the resignation of all current staffers in the organization.

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