This is the best time since 2010 to buy Bitcoin!

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This is the best time since 2010 to buy Bitcoin!

Postby Gold Silver » 30 April 2017

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As Bitcoin approaches $1300, we have Vortex from the World Crypto Network Channel to update us on the latest news and updates in the Bitcoin ecosystem.
Vortex helps us understand the ASIC Mining Boost which has made headlines throughout the crypto currency community and we also find out his opinion on Litecoin, Segwit and the ideals behind what Bitcoin stands for.
Every week Vortex does the Bitcoin News Show where all the latest information relating to Bitcoin, Altcoins and Blockchain is covered!

01:30 Bitcoin’s Bullish run towards $1300?
03:20 Is Bitcoin safe from a Hard Fork?
06:25 What is the ASIC Boost? Is it to stop Segwit?
13:50 Litecoin activating Segwit is important for Bitcoin
16:30 The Litecoin Roundtable meeting for Segwit
18:30 More Litecoin price surges or a Correction?
20:30 The best time to buy Bitcoin!
27:40 What resistance will the Government bring to Bitcoin?
30:30 How to have a one to one Bitcoin consultancy

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