Silver Stacking Top 5 Generic Bullion to Stack

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Silver Stacking Top 5 Generic Bullion to Stack

Postby Gold Silver » 01 May 2017

SilverTorch66 presents: a new mini series of videos discussing my top 5 silver stacking choices. The subject of this video is my “Silver Stacking Top 5 Generic Bullion to Stack “

My Top 5 generic silver to stack is
1 The 1oz Sunshine Mint Silver Eagle round
2 Any 1oz Silver Buffalo round (preferably with anti-counterfeiting technology)
3 Any 10 oz silver bar (again, preferably with anti-counterfeiting technology)
4 Any generic bullion deal that I just can’t pass up
5 Any generic bullion that I feel I can flip for a profit!

This top 5 list is based on my stacking strategies and goals and may not necessarily be right for you. I only hope that my explanations for my choices are able to resonate with you to assist you in deciding which generic bullion is best for your stack.
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If your top stacking generic bullion differs from mine, let me know in the comments section below.

Thank you to all who support SilverTorch66!

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